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Take Part In Applebee’s Survey And Win $1000 Cash Prize

Applebee’s is an international company working in America. It is working as a fast growing food chain and is a fast spreading system in the United States. This restaurant was opened in 1980. The company has headquarters in Kanas city, Missouri. The main concept of Applebee’s is to provide the moderately priced food in the comfortable environment. It is providing a variety of servings including salads, chicken dishes, pasta and beverages.

Do you really want to spend quality time with your dear friends and loved ones? Come with us as we are providing you all these wonderful opportunities with a luxurious environment. The purpose of this survey is to know your views about the servings offered here and the attitude and dealings of the staff with incoming guests. As a result of this survey you will be able to win $1000.

How to take part in the survey to win cash prizes?

The process is very simple; just follow the instructions given below.

  • If you have the receipt card of Applebee’s then take it out.
  • Click the link www.MyApplebeesVisit.com
  • A page will appear in front of you and you will be asked to select your country and language.
  • Select your country and language and click on the option “Enter”.
  • After this another page will appear and you will have to enter the required information to start your survey.
  • Enter the server name, date, time, check number, total Due and 9-digit serial number.
  • All this information is provided on your receipt card simply copy it from the card and enter it into the relevant sections.
  • After this click the option “Enter” and start your survey.
  • If you need any kind of help then click the option “Help” on the bottom left of the page.

Your time is very valuable and precious and you will be rewarded for this cooperation and will be informed soon.

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