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Transphorm, Inc. To Team Up With Tata On Gan-Based Solar Inverters In India

Transphorm Inc of Goleta is one of the companies in the U.S. that designs and supplies gallium nitride (GaN)-based power conversion modules and devices suitable for power adapters and power supplies, motor drives, solar inverters and electric powered vehicles is now partnering with Tata Power Solar (TPS) in Bangalore, India to bring in a more efficient solar inverter based upon Transphorm’s GaN-based energy switching system. With its TPH Series collection of GaN products (supported by its GaN power IP selection), Transphorm boasts to have founded the industry’s only certified 600V GaN device system.

Solar inverters are among the important and must have devices for homeowners and today and modular installation units have become more and more popular as people start to recognize the benefits it can provide to them. Solar inverters are basically the essential device that helps convert DC (direct current) to AC (alternate current by using solar power or the converted energy coming from the sun. But before listing all the benefits of using solar inverter, you must first understand the differences between DC power and AC power and how the conversion process between the two types of currents happens.

The inverter technology being developed has broad applications beyond solar conversion, and we anticipate these energy-efficient applications will find usage across various Tata companies,” says Ajay Goelwho is also the CEO for Tata Power Solar.

There are two basic types of solar inverters including the MSW (Modified Sine Wave) and TSW (True Sine Wave). The TSW solar inverter is widely used and is also more popular as compared to its MSW counterpart since it is one of the most popular choices for residential units relying largely on solar energy. When you purchase an inverter, it is best to purchase a unit that has more voltage rates than the battery of your power system. This may not come cheap which is why it is also advised to purchase only from a reliable dealer or supplier to make sure about the quality of the product you get.

Basically, the role of solar inverterinstallation is to enable the DC power coming from the solar battery to be converted in an AC power so it can be used in homes,” he added.

DC power or direct current is a type of electrical current that flows in one direction from the power source. A good example of DC power is the electric current supplied to your mobile phone from its battery. The power is usually supplied to specific components requiring electricity in order for it to function.

More often than not, gadgets with sensitive devices and electrical components required a steady flow of electricity which can only be supplied by a direct current. With a solar inverter house installation, the stored power in the battery is converted into an alternating current in order to power up the appliances connected to it or the entire house for that matter.

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