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The Updated Sustainability Plan Has Been Released By The EPA

As the President Obama has launched a Climate Action Plan in order to cut down the carbon pollution and to lead in the clean energy, the Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan 2013 has been released by the EPA that highlights the actions designed for the next year in order to cut the energy and the waste in the agency operations.

The Executive Order no 13514 on the Federal Leadership had been signed by the president Obama in the Energy, Economics and the Environmental performance in the month of the October of 2009. Some aggressive targets have been set in order to reduce the waste and the pollution in the Federal operations by the year 2020.

The 2013 Sustainability plan by the EPA is built on the 4 years of progress below the Executive Order and it provides a general idea of how the agency is reducing carbon emissions, saving energy and saving taxpayer dollars.

The plan will also assist the EPA’s actions to achieve the new objects those were set by the President Obama with a Presidential Memorandum today in which they have aimed at the Federal Government to use 20% of the electricity by using the renewable sources by the year 2020.

If they can meet the objectives of the renewable energy goal, then it will reduce the pollution in the communities and it will promote the American energy independence.

The EPA will be allowed to save almost $1.5 million on the utility costs annually if the 8% of the reduced energy will should be utilized.

The Updated Sustainability Plan has been released by the EPA will definitely assist the situation and if they continue doing the work in the same direction, then it is expected that the main targets should be achieved successfully in the future.

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