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The Tornado Seen In Mississippi Causing Causalities And Wreckage!

The southern Mississippi will be the reason on this Christmas for the grieve and the heal in United States. They will be clearing the wreckage and restoring the power lines those are ripped off by the tornado in which 4 people have been killed and about a dozen of the people have got injured.

Although, the lethal tornado that we saw on the Tuesday has isolated to the swath close to the Louisiana line just across the country, the rough weather conditions are sweeping for the hundred miles, whereas the roads and the airways are filled up with the holiday travelers.

The holiday travelers are advised to take the precautionary measures because of the rough weather conditions according to their areas and they must be looking for the instant change of plans as the precautionary measures just because of the weather that may spoil the party.

Christmas should be the best time to visit the family and have fun. The sun is expected to be shown on a wide section of the central and southern United States. The gentle snow is expected to lay down the white Christmas on the doorsteps from the mountains of the California through the parts of Midwest.

The states of the mountains are expected to have much heavier snow and the rain and the slush will be spraying in patches of the gray melancholy on holiday in the Northeast on the Wednesday and the Thursday.

Causalities (Four Killed)

In northern Florida and the Southern Georgia, there was a lethal tornado Wednesday morning that killed the four and it ripped of the power lines and produced several wreckages in the whole process.

The sirens howled by the civil defense from the distance that were spotted on a video on the You Tube in that event in the Mississippi on the Tuesday.

According to the Sheriff Alex Hodge, “the tornado tore a tore a mobile home into the pieces in countryside of the Jones County in Mississippi leading to kill a couple of people.

There was also a number of other bricked and the mortar homes also that had the major damages, but fortunately, no other injuries were reported from there – according to the Sheriff Alex Hodge. A church also got wrecked by the storm.

According to the reports from the Mississippi – almost 50 were got injured in the event as the 50 patients were spotted in the ER this morning just because of the storm – according to a spokesman from the Marion General Hospital.

Minimum 6,300 households have no power. The roads cut off when the tornado showed its power. The spokesman of the Marion General Hospital said that he expects that there will be more patients coming in a few days.

A state of emergency has been called by the Gov. of Mississippi, Phil Bryant for the Marion and Jones counties this Tuesday. A child daycare between the both counties on the highway was also got damaged by the tornado, but the children inside were spared.

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