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The Teenager Took Out The Gun Just Before The Officer Killed Him: Police Report


A teenager has been shot and was killed by a Missouri police officer few of miles close to the St. Louis village. There had been already protests going on for another young man who was shot and killed by the police one month ago in the Ferguson village.

The situation of both the teenager and the young boy who was shot and killed in the Ferguson village is similar as in both the cases black teenagers were killed and the cops that were accused were the white cops, but this situation cannot be compared with the one that happened in Berkeley and it was Tuesday night, According to the mayor of Berkeley the shooting scene happened in Berkeley.

A person has been caught under the observation video, in that video the person was identified by the cop and by his family as the 18 years old Antonio Martin who was pointing the gun to the cop who was in the parking area of the gas pump in the Berkeley just before he was shot by the teenager.

The video that the officers of the St. Louis County uploaded on the YouTube showed the crime scene from 3 different views.

The shooting, fireworks and fight with the cop was visibly seen in the movie. The people who came to visit there very emotional about what happened with the teenager and how the white officer killed Michael Brown.

According to the words of a black man, Hoskins – The mishap of the killing of the teenager cannot be joined with the death of the teenager Michael Brown. He gave the reason to kill which is unlike situation than Michael Brown’s death incident; there is a video when this scene was happening.

The officer Hoskins said that after having a look on the video we found that the teenager was having a gun and he tried to shoot the officer before the officer shot the boy and killed him. It was quite evident from the video footage that the cop didn’t start the fight.

The violence of the cops on the citizens will not be appreciated at all – said Hoskins while giving interview to the reporter. He said that the citizens should understand that I am investigating the report myself and the final outcome will come in front of the whole community.

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