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The Search For The Killers, Charlie Habdo Attack!

A cop was killed in shooting act in Paris. Many people were taken in custody for Charlie Hebdo shooting but none of them were main criminals of the incident.

The news report revealed the nationwide search for two persons who were involved in attacking French magazine Charlie Hebdo. This was one more difficult situation for the authorities of southern suburbs of Paris.

A cop was shot there and she died on the spot. The fully armed officers that were 20 in number surrounded the building and forcing the people to move back from that area.

The people that were the eye witnesses at the time of the shooting told the officers that the shooters were wearing bulletproof vest and came out of the vehicle when the officers were dealing with an accident when they were attacked. The shooters escaped from the spot.

It is still not sure whether the shooting in Montrouge is connected with the one that happened in Paris or not.

Police took many people in custody as suspects of the shooting incident at France’s Charlie Hebdo magazine. Approximately 12 people were killed in the mishap and 11 were wounded.

The main suspects of that incident Cherif Kouachi age 32, Said Kouachi age 34 are escaped criminals of this attack.

The police searched for them in nearby areas of France looking for both the attackers. They are still out of reach and are loaded with weapons so that they can spread more violence among the people, said the Prime Minister Manuel Valls in an interview.

‘The Single Mistake of attackers”

The two attackers left a car behind as a clue for the officers which they took in custody. According to the CNN news report police got an ID card of one of the attackers during the investigation. The officers who were investigating said that that was the single mistake of the criminals that helped us in investigation of further case.

The Kouachi brothers came back from the war in Syria in this summer season according to the news report that provided the information.

The Kouachi brothers returned from war in the summer, USA Today reported without saying where it got the information.

The officers were running their sources to find if both the brothers are having any connection with Qaeda. Their names were included in the security list.

The third suspect of the case, who is 18 years old, gave himself in the police custody according to a close source of information which is a new agency. Mouraad gave his self when he saw his name in the list of wanted people and on social media.

The attack of Paris was over the un-respectful sketches. The offices were destroyed by bomb explosions on the exact the magazine was going to release its catalog with fun of Islamic law.

On Wednesday, men ran into the building of Charlie Hebdo’s offices. On way they asked about the directions of the offices of magazine.

They entered in the office of the magazine when it was time of lunch meeting. They separated the males and females and called the names of the cartoonists to whom they wanted to kill.

The shooting was not of normal spray bullets but more like a blast.

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