At merely the age of 13 years the young boy whose name is Tan Yi Han is not capable of watching the corner of the pavement of his school. Singapore was one a clean and tidy country in the year 1998 and was known for the wealth of the nation.

But with the passage of time the clouds of smoke started to overcast the sky and all the sky was covered with the clouds of smoke. It was a record that was setup for the air pollution that started in 1997 and came to an end after one month. Almost 30% of the population had to pay visit to the city hospitals. It was one of the worst cases of pollution in South Asia.

This problem of smoke and haze happens in Asia almost every year from the year 1998 till the time after it. At the time of his early age Han never thought about it but after he 20s of his age he started thinking the reason of haze and why it keeps on returning.

Every year almost 7 million people lost their lives according to the survey of the World Health Organization. The main reasons of death are heart failure, lungs cancer, asthma and many more diseases.

This situation is especially worst in the Pacific area of Asia that is having the population range of almost 4.2 billion and there density is remarkably high. China and India both countries are combined together with the population range of almost 2.7 million are among the great victims of pollution problems.

Out of total population the premature deaths rate was 40% that was due to air pollution. China is included in the list of countries that are the largest emitter of carbon dioxide and it was found after in a survey on the world wide scale.

In both China and India the main problem is of air pollution that is caused by the farm cities and it started in the recent time. The pollution occurs there due to the smoke from the factories and vehicles, burning of coals etc. With the passage of time the population is increasing along with technological cars and the smoke of these cars is truly harmful for the people.

The people of Southeast Asia are facing this kind of problem and according to estimation by the World Health Organization almost 3.7 million people lost their lives due to these pollution problems.

The haze is all of the same but their discharge in the environment is different from each other. Like a factory of chemical compounds emit different kind of haze into the environment. The extent of pollution in a country will depend on how they people control themselves in order to save from the pollution.

The smoke of the vehicles as well as the factory emission is pollution the environment and responsible for. The government is taking all the precautionary measures in order to get rid of this haze.

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