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Residents Call For Inquiry Into Fire That Has Burnt For 22 Days

New has been received that the Environment Agency in Great Britain has been dealing with Averies Recycling Limited in Swindon regarding 3,000 tonnes of waste at their Swindon site. It seems that they have been more than fair in their dealings with Averies as the waste has now been smouldering for 22 days.

Since Averies were not able to deal with this fire the Fire Service has been called in and it is as a result of the time and resources this site is taking up that the notice has been issued.

Fire fighters have revealed that the reason they are unable to completely put out the fire is the size of the area that it covers. If they were able to get to the source of it they would soon be able to extinguish it totally. They have accepted that they will not be able to do anything else where they are and plans are being drawn up to move the waste to an area where they can better deal with it.

Removal of the waste has begun today and while there is clearly a lot of concern in the area, Averies are not disclosing where the waste is to be taken. All that has been announced is that the cost of the removal is going to be covered by them and while this has been welcomed by residents, they are feeling let down and concerned about what has happened to far.

There have been calls for a public inquiry into the event and the main concerns appears to be regarding the amount of insurance Averies have taken out and if there will have to be public money used in the aftermath.

One local resident has set up an e-petition which is to be sent to the council and he explains the reason for requesting a public inquiry is due to the effect he feels the fire has had on his health.

Andrew Parkin has explained “This fire has affected a lot of residents and businesses… I believe that the petition is an opportunity for the public to get the answers that they deserve.”

The latest event has been the call by local Conservative councillors to Averies to prove that they have the level of insurance required, as there have been rumours that a bill of £400,000 could be presented to the council in order for the waste to be removed.

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