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Privacy Policy

Company Profile:
Guide catalog is a website where news, promotional offers, job application methods and many other articles are published on daily basis. This website is committed to provide the most reliable news in different sectors such as education, environment, technological aspects of daily life and many other topics. You can subscribe to daily news updates and alerts on this website by entering your email address and naming yourself as one of the subscribers. You can also follow this website on Facebook, Google plus, YouTube or sound could.

Terms and Conditions:
This content available on this website is patented using the Copyright Law which enables the users to view and access this website. The law prohibits website users from misusing the data available on this website by using a modified or original form of its content without any reference or prior permissions from the administrative department of the website. All the content available on this website has its trade mark thus stopping anyone to publish the information available at it using his/ her own name or any other name except the website.

User’s License:
By visiting this website, users will be granted a license by the administration of this website to view and read the information available here. The website also allows using this material for help of the internet users. In case of re-use of this information, the website must be referred by providing its official link, the date when this information is used and the topic on which help was taken.
The license will be terminated in case of violation of any of the above mentioned rules.

Guide catalog would not be responsible in case if any information is used in its modified form at any other website except in case if approved in written form. Any ideas and opinions offered along with the information of this website would not be guaranteed as a work by the official authors of the website but would be sole responsibility of the person who posted it. The website would not be responsible for the results of usage of data available at it.

Limitation of Liability:
Any employee, officer, management staff member or owner of the website has no liability in case of any direct or indirect damage caused by the use or misuse of content available at this website.  This damage includes any loss of data, financial assets or company’s business terms. The responsibility of any such loss will not be accepted in case if informed orally to Guide catalog staff members. This limitation of the liability can be compromised in case of written contract between both the parties.

Revisions and Errata:
Guide catalog would not be held responsible in case of any incorrect information regarding technical or non technical topics, typing mistakes, or pictorial errors. This company does not guaranty its users about the reliability, accuracy or completeness of its content. It would not be responsible in case if data available in its news is not published currently and is not up to date.

Linked websites:
This website has no command over the data of other linked websites and offers no warranty for the content of these websites. Guide catalog has not reviewed all of those websites therefore it has no confirmed report over the correctness of data available at these websites.

Terms of Use Modifications:
Guide catalog has legal rights to modify the above mentioned terms of use at any time without prior notification to the website users. In such case, users will have to agree to the modified version of terms and conditions of the website.

Governing law:
The claims made by website users regarding the content of this website will be governed under laws applicable in New York City. This law will be applicable regardless of the conflicts of law provisions.

Privacy Policy:
The privacy policy of this website ensures the visitors of this website about their privacy and their personal data. The website is legally bound not to disclose any of this personal information unless contacted by regional legal department for this information.
The website will be responsible for disclosure of the purpose of collecting the information required from user at the point where this information is requested. It will be responsible for safety of this information unless forced legally not to do so.
Personal information of the website visitors is collected under the rules and regulations of the region where this website is designed and owned.
Personal data would only be inserted in the areas where purpose of using this information is confirmed and made clear. The users of this website are requested not to provide any information otherwise.

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