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Police Report: A Girl, Age 7 Years, Survived In A Plane Crash


According to the local officer a girl of 7 years got saved in a plane crash that killed four people , it was a miracle that the girl was safe and after coming out of the damaged heap of plane she informed a local resident of the incident.

The plane piper 34-PA informed about the trouble in engine and then lost the control with the air traffic controller. The plane was flying across the southern area of Kentucky according to the report of FAA.
Almost after half an hour a resident of Lyon County area called the helpline and informed that a girl of 7 years came to his home and told him that a plane is crashed and she was also in it, according to the report of the cop.

“The girl came out of that crashed plane and came to the nearest home and told the man about the plane that crashed – according to the officer. According to the officer it’s totally unexpected how she survived from such an incident, but it is really tragic situation that no one else was saved in the plane crash.

According to the officer Petterson, “The girl was not emotionally stable and they had to take her to the hospital for all the minor injuries.”

After that the officers started the search for the wrecked plane and also confirmed from the air traffic control if they got the call of the problem from the plane.

After few hours the officers found the site where the plane crashed and also found the dead bodies of a pilot and 3 passengers near a popular tourist area. The information of the victims was not given on the spot. The reason of the crash is under investigation. It was a rainy day when the plane was crashed.

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