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Parents Show Concern Regarding Sex Education Book They Deem To Be Too Explicit For Ninth Graders

Parents have been relieved to hear that a sex education book that has been deemed inappropriate has been removed from classrooms. There have been 2000 objections in connection with the way that the sex act has been portrayed since the book went into the classrooms in June.

It is Your Health Today that has so angered people in Fremont California as they feel that the book that was meant to be used by 2,400 ninth graders – pupils aged 13/14 – as it is deemed to be more suitable for older pupils who are more prepared to see drawings of sex organs. As the book has been referred to as “a guide for healthy living in college and beyond” it seems it is a mistake to allow it to be viewed by children some years away from college.

SF Gates book contains information on “erotic touch” and there are details of the areas that are considered to be erogenous zones describing them as areas that “contain more nerve endings than do many other areas; these areas are capable of being aroused by touch.”

This has not pleased many parents but it is the discussion surrounding bondage that has caused most people to complain. There is a description of what this is and gives advice about the equipment to use and while there is a remark suggesting that anyone involved should only do what “they are comfortable doing” that has not been enough to pacify critics.

The book has been referred to as disgusting and sickening by one person who signed the petition and they claimed that “This will pollute the minds of the children.” They went on to say that they believed it was up to parents to teach their children about sex and another wrote “It should be taught that the kids should wait until they are married before having sex.”

Up until last week the book had been defended by the school-board president Lara Calvert-York who said

“Yes, it talks about masturbation …” then went on to explain that they wanted something that would teach the students to have a safe publication that would teach them about sex and their bodies.

Jim Morris Superintendent has said his recommendation is that the district should work alongside the publisher and have certain parts deleted. He considered it to be an asset to teaching but concluded “I also recognise and respect the concerns of some of our families”.

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