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Worth the Money: Nordstrom Sales Remain Strong without Slashing Prices

While their strong management, well-run stores, and high-end stock serve to enhance Nordstrom’s reputation as a high class establishment, a lot more thought and work go in to their carefully maintained image. To keep their edge on other stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom refuses to offer ‘Nordstrom Promo Code’  or Nordstrom Promotion code that might cheapen their image. They take a strong stance against Nordstrom Promo Code and discount codes, and are careful to ensure that their customers know that no offers or deals from websites such as Retailmenot.com are actually valid on any purchases. Instead of offering discounted prices, Nordstrom offers all sorts of other promotions, sales, and perks for their customers, and these seem to be more than enough to keep the company sitting pretty.

The company has come up with three distinct promotional programs, each of which is targeted at both pleasing the customer and bringing the company more business. These programs are as follows:

Buy Amazing Rewards And Save Your Money

This rewards program is the most basic of the programs, and gives customers discounts for buying multiple copies of the same item, or several items from the same category. Using this tactic, Nordstrom is able to sell more goods overall, and their customers save money without feeling like they are shopping at a discount chain.

Best Gifts With Purchase

To make Nordstrom shoppers feel like they are being treated to something special, bonus gifts are given out with certain purchases, either based on brand or order amount. These gifts are often smaller samples of other Nordstrom products, which means that the customer gets a free product for shopping, and Nordstrom gets to promote their other goods in the process.

Nordstrom Rewards

The most unique benefit offered by Nordstrom is their Nordstrom Rewards Program, which is largely responsible for the ferocious loyalty displayed by Nordstrom customers. You can get Nordstrom Promo Code 25 Off, Upon applying for one of the three Nordstrom cards, each of which produces its own rewards, Rewards Program members gain access to exclusive benefits based on their purchases.

These benefits include:

  • Exclusive holiday event access
  • Early access to special sales
  • Free alterations
  • VIP event access, including access to spa and dining experiences
  • Other exclusive experiences, such as photo-shoots and celebrity meet-and-greets.

Customers who shop with the Nordstrom Rewards Program earn points for every purchase, and also have access to double- and triple-point days. For every 2,000 points earned, customers receive an extra $20 to spend at Nordstrom.

How To Access The Rewards

To start earning rewards, you can apply for one of three cards:

  • The Nordstrom Debit Card – This card draws all Nordstrom purchases directly from your bank account, which means that you get to avoid credit card fees and simply shop as you usually would, all while still earning points. You can apply for this card online or in-store.
  • The Nordstrom Store Card – This card is valid for purchases at any Nordstrom company location, or online, and functions just like your normal credit card. You can apply for this card at Nordstrom.com or in your local Nordstrom store.
  • The Nordstrom Visa Signature Card – In addition to the rewards that you earn for shopping in-store, you also earn one point per dollar charged to the card at any location that accepts Visa, or for shopping online. You must apply for this card in-store, but will begin reaping extra benefits, such as event access and hotel discounts, as soon as you are approved.

The Rewards Program

The rewards program comes in several tiers, depending on how much you use your Nordstrom card and Nordstrom company locations such as Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook.com, or any of the other online Nordstrom shopping experiences.

The levels of rewards are as follows:

  • Level 1: If you spend less than $2,000 a year, you will receive free alterations, as well as early access to Nordstrom’s anniversary sale.
  • Level 2: If you spend less than $5,000 a year, you will receive all of the level one perks, as well as a twenty dollar yearly bonus.
  • Level 3: If you spend less than $10,000 a year, you will receive all of the benefits of levels one and two, as well as VIP access to special events such as design team meet-and-greets, photo shoots, and other exclusive events.
  • Level 4: If you spend $10,000 a year or more using your Nordstrom card, you will receive all of the benefits of the previous levels, as well as invites to further exclusive events such as fashion shows and cocktail events. You also have access to dinner events for you and up to three friends, as well as spa services for you and one guest.

Simply put, Nordstrom likes to spoil their most loyal customers, and is more than willing to go above and beyond for the people who support them the most. Earning access to these exclusive events can be a great way to impress friends and spoil loved-ones, as well as yourself.

The Nordstrom Difference

Overall, Nordstrom tries to reach all audiences without cheapening the shopping experience. While there are high-end and luxury options such as spas and restaurants, there are also locations such as Nordstrom Rack and Hautelook.com, which offer affordability without feeling trashy. Nordstrom customers don’t need to be rich to feel wealthy, and any customer can reap the benefits of the Nordstrom experience.

In spite of the economic recession that has plagued retailers across the country, Nordstrom has refused to cheapen their image by offering Nordstrom Promo Code 25 Off or promotional codes in order to pull in customers. Their attention to customer service, as well as to maintaining their image and atmosphere, has resulted in a 20% increase in domestic sales, as well as a strong presence overseas.

While Macy’s and Dillard’s, Nordstrom’s two biggest competitors, have only seen small increases in revenue due to their aggressive advertising tactics, with revenue changes of 16% and 1%, respectively, Nordstrom’s performance has continued to go above and beyond, ranking them in at a 53% revenue change in 2013, proving that the Nordstrom style is worth the price.

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