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Malaysia & Thailand Under Serious Epic Flooding And The Threats Of The Landslides Loom

The flooding that has been seen in the Malaysia is like an epic, even for the Malaysian standards as well!

After the recent flooding, the neighborhoods are turning into the islands those are surrounded by the sea of the dark brown water. The streets are presenting a feel of the rivers and the vehicles have been swept away & toppled over.

The current flood situation in the Malaysia is just devastating and it is even above the level what the Malaysians are used to see before.

Over than 132,000 people have been evacuated by the power of the flood – according to the news agency of Bernama,Malaysia. It is definitely a huge number of the people those have been evacuated by the power of the flood in the Malaysia.

The Prime Minister of the Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak while talking to the reporters said that the massive currents and the broken up power supply is also messing the things up more badly.

The water supply is also been damaged and it is now very difficult to carry the clean water supply in the right way. The victims of the flood will have to face the darkness because of the interrupted electricity supply – he also said.

A week ago, the flooding started in the Malaysia ravaging the country and the region is very familiar to the monsoons and the northeast monsoon in which the whole Malaysia and the southern Thailand is gripped.

The flood has taken the whole Malaysia and the southern Thailand is under serious considerations and there is a state of emergency in the regions because of the epic flood that has caught the whole country in the devastating situations.

The flooding ravaging Malaysia started more than a week ago. While the region is accustomed to monsoons, the “northeast monsoon” that has gripped Malaysia, Indonesia and southern Thailand is particularly harsh.

A very sturdy pressure emerged in the Chin and Eastern Europe and that strengthened the winds of the north east that blows from the south of the China Sea that brought the heavy rainfall over the Malaysia, southern Thailand and Indonesia. That was the main reasons of this epic flooding that has caused the Whole Malaysia and the southern Thailand under the serious conditions.

The situation is expected to get even worst with the time as it is getting more and more dangerous with the time. Another heavier rain is expected to fall near the Thailand-Malaysia border in the upcoming couple of days and it can be as heavier as the 100 millimeters or the 4 inches. So, the situation will definitely be getting worse with that.

Te expected rain will be bringing about the different possibilities like the more floods and even the landslides and also the mudslides – according to the Van Dam.

Along with that, the Sri Lanka has also been hit hard by the flooding. In just eight past days, the Kandy has received the double to their average rainfall for the month – according to the Van Dam.

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