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Is Solar Power The Solution For Growing Global Energy Needs?

With the growing popularity of alternative energy sources, a lot of pro environment believe that solar power is the key solution that will eventually replace fossil fuels and other conventional sources of energy commonly used today to power up homes and other industries.

Solar power is free and when properly harnessed, it can provide a never ending source of power, low maintenance cost, and almost zero operational cost once the initial expenses for setting up the solar panel system is done. As long as the sun continues to shine, generating energy using solar energy systems will be possible without costing you a dime.

And regardless of how many people would want to harness the energy of the sun, you will never run out of power as compared to local power grid where power outage is a regular occurrence due to overloading of their power system.

In Plano, Texas, Larry Howe installed ten solar panels on his roof more than two years ago. And because of his alternative energy source, Howe was able to reduce his energy usage by twenty five percent, and still plans on installing more panels in the next year.

It’s local and it’s clean energy. It reduces the strain on the electric grid because it creates the electricity when we need it the most here in Texas,” Howe stated.

Howe is a volunteer with Plano Solar Advocates and he and other members aim to help those who are interested in solar power get through the tedious process of applying, hiring contractors, and installing solar panels.

Solar energy system is installed in a variety of ways depending on the area and the place of installation. Setting up solar power cells in a place where it can get the maximum exposure to the sun will guarantee the maximum amount of energy you can harness which in turn will be stored in your solar battery to be used later to power up your home.

This is system is called concentrated solar collectors. The non-concentrated solar collectors on the other hand are installed in areas that are not exposed to direct sunlight and it absorbs energy from reflecting angles as well as direct angles. And with the help of an efficiently harnessed solar energy, solar power can provide ample amount of electric to power up your home, fire up your heating and cooling system, and you can even use them to power up the heating system of your swimming pool.

As the society becomes more environmentally conscious, the benefits of using solar power are becoming more obvious for everyone. Solar power will always be free and you no longer need to be dependent to your local power company or electricity if you have your own solar energy system. Mr. Howe believes that we can help save the environment by reducing our carbon footprint because solar power has not carbon emission which is very dangerous to our atmosphere.

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