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Growing Your Own Vegetables In Your Own Greenhouse

Having your own greenhouse will provide with the benefits of growing your plants, flowers, or crops that are not compatible to the type of environment you have in your region. And while a greenhouse will let you grow and cultivate all year round, you need.

Debbie and Ray Penner started RD Gardening Services to share their passion for gardening and enable others to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of greenhouse gardening.

Our mission … is to bring people and plants together. We really hope that people would consider (starting) to grow things in the city. Urban sprawl doesn’t mean that we can’t have lots of access to plants and good things to eat that we grow ourselves,” Ray shares his thought about their gardening enthusiasm.

In essence, a greenhouse will provide you with an environment where you can grow plants and flowers. With your greenhouse, you can have the opportunity to maintain a garden that is free from the changes in season and harsh climates. But growing plants in a greenhouse has its advantages and disadvantages you need to consider.

The major advantage of growing plants in a greenhouse is that you can be able to control the temperature as well as the humidity. This power to manipulate these conditions will allow you to grow vegetables all year round regardless of its variety or the type of climate it naturally grows in. In a greenhouse, you can easily imitate various climates from different sections of the world. If you have the ability to control climate, you can have a better chance of growth for your vegetables.

But on the other hand, a greenhouse typically requires a large amount of effort and regular upkeep to make sure your mini ecosystem remains functional. If you rely largely on your greenhouse, it means that there will be no fallow periods and you have to maintain a year round upkeep.

Without fallow periods, you will not have the time to either go on a vacation or have a relaxing holiday away from your home. You can never leave your greenhouse unless you have someone to tend it for you while you are away. This can be a great advantage if you are planning to take your family to a holiday getaway and you have no one to tend your greenhouse for you.

Although you have the option to eat fresh and newly picked vegetables and other crops from your green house, you have to understand that maintaining it can cost you a lot of money. For starters, building your greenhouse from scratch will make a sizable dent on your wallet depending on how large and elaborate your greenhouse will be.

Once it’s built, you need to shoulder expenses for merely maintaining it. Unless your greenhouse is self supporting, it will need heating during winter months, humidity control, irrigation system, and other things that will make your greenhouse fully functional. You have to be prepared to pay additional charges in your electric bill unless you are using a solar energy source for your greenhouse.

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