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Green Shopping With BYOB

It means BRING YOUR OWN SHOPPING BAG and BYOB is fast hitting the mainstream shoppers particularly eco warriors of today.

BYOB is the newest trend today among shopping centers, department stores and supermarkets that implement a going-green program. Each year, there is an estimated one billion shopping bags made of plastic that are consumed in the United States alone. Most of these plastic shopping bags will definitely end up in landfills while some of these will be washed out to lakes, ponds, rivers and eventually to sea. All these plastics are often the major cause of disaster for animals. Either animals get entangled in them or ingest it which is very harmful and sometimes fatal for these animals.

Taking into consideration the volume of plastic shopping bags wasted each year, this is the best time spread the word regarding the potential benefits of using reusable Eco-friendly shopping bags that will help influence the community to act as one. Taking on a bring your own bag strategy in our personal shopping practices is a basic way to do just that. If we are able to help boost awareness at this time, the positive effect of this activity for the environment is incalculable well into the future.

There are states that have already made gradual but considerable progress in endorsing the utilization of reusable, non woven Eco-friendly grocery bags in recent years. Encouraging consumers with partial or total paper and plastic bag bans, price cut and specific amount of discounts at the register for using reusable shopping bags are a few to speak of.

So far, ten cities in the United States have implement total ban on the use of plastic bags within the past five years. Just recently, Mexico City also enacted the same ban so around twenty million citizens are now forced to bring and pack their own shopping bags. This may be quite difficult at first especially when there are around thirty five thousand vendors in the downtown area of Mexico City but with enough political will and the desire to help save the environment, this will be easy.

Needless to say, paper and plastic bags ought to be reprocessed and it is really important to keep in mind that most large retailers like Walmart and Albertsons will be more than willing to recycle plastic bags for you. Having said that, implementing BYOB in your shopping strategy could make your life a lot easier for the reason that there will no longer be a need to pile up your kitchen cupboard with plastic bags or determine what to do about it. Storing several reusable shopping bags in your backpack or car is an excellent way to make sure you have them when needed. Start living green and reduce your plastic use one little step at a time.

This kind of initiative directed to somewhat lessen our carbon footprint is fast becoming popular. A lot of states even passed bills and resolutions that are aimed to curtail the use of disposable plastic bags.

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