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FanDuel Promo Codes & Coupons

FanDuel is offering you a remarkable way to play fantasy sports and their season lasts one day. It is fun, and you play for real money, yeah! You will have a good time while you are making real money. It is a raw deal that you get at Fan Duel; you can play fantasy baseball, hockey, football, and basketball year round games. If you believe you are pretty smart in playing fantasy sports, you can win big money every day by playing Fan Duel. It is like a regular season but played in one day hence you do not have to wait the whole season for your bragging rights. Fan Duel is also offering an unimaginable promotion, and that is what I will let you know about so that you can participate and win big money and prizes. The offers are:

$600,000 Sunday Night Show Down

If you do watch Sunday Night Football, then you now have an opportunity to get in the game. You will battle it out against participants nationwide on a test of soccer skills. You just need five dollars to enter, and one who emerges the winner on Sunday will walk home with a whopping fifty thousand dollars. Entering is as easy as eating a pie just click to enter to join the league and pick players from the Sunday and Monday games. The offer will run on 27th/9/2015. The offer will also run on 4th/ 11th/ 18th/ 25th October and on 1st November. Do not dare miss the chance to overload your wallet come Sunday! The top thirty thousand finishers will all win cash prizes.

Playboy College Football Championship

The final playboy college football championship of the year has come, and it could not get any better. When you book one of the 70 trips, wrap up to the sunny Los Angeles be sure the mansion awaits you with a sturdy prize of a hundred thousand dollars! Contests for qualifiers will run until November, and you need to play in one of them to be able to win, you can also win multiple prize packages. The schedule for the contests is available at Fan Duel’s website. The first prize at the championship will bag hundred thousand dollars, runners, up fifty thousand dollars and third thirty thousand dollars this goes on to the seventieth who will the minimum three thousand dollars.

Welcome Bonus on Fan Duel

A welcome bonus is a bid to participants through special promotional offers. The rewards offered when you enter and complete contests that you have paid. While you carry on playing you will earn the bonus and the earned cash will be deposited directly to your account at Fan Duel, and the balance will reflect in real time. The cash bonus will be ready for use to play or for withdrawal. Meanwhile, the remainder cash bonus that you can earn will be shown in your account menus as “Pending Bonus” and also in your “My Account” area. The more you play consistently on Fan Duel, the more the bonuses you will earn, and this will also prevent expiry of the first time deposits.

The Weekly Depositors Free Roll

The Weekly Depositors Free Roll is available to all Fan Duel users that have made a deposit to their account within the last one week. The contest will run every Sunday on NFL, and there will be five thousand dollars up for grabs. An icing on the cake for this is that there will be no entry. Users who will qualify for The Weekly Depositors Free Roll will be invited by mail with a link to use to enter.

Win Your Fantasy Car

You can get into FanDuel’s Fantasy Car contest by just playing in two or more weeks of NFL games before the fifth week. For two weeks, you can enter for a Mini Cooper, for four weeks you can enter for a Porsche 911 Turbo and for three weeks you can enter for a Ford Mustang. On the fifth week, you will gain free entry to a Fan Duel contest, and the highest scoring lineups will win a car with runners up splitting twenty thousand dollars in cash between them.

Fan Duel Points

FanDuel appreciates those who participate in their sports and that the reason they created the Fan Duel Points freerolls. This month Fan Duel is giving away twenty-six thousand dollars in accolades for the freeroll points, and you only require earning their points to win the cash. Making the points is easy since you receive the points whenever you enter a money game regardless of whether you become the winner or loser. The number of freeroll points that you receive is on the draft screen before you enter. On another occasion, FanDuel will run promo code, and this will increase the rate at which you earn the points hence meaning you end up receiving a heftier reward to your advantage.

The Fan Duel points balance is made available at the top right of your Fan Duel screen under the cash balance display. You can use the points to enter any paid contests and spent points will be deducted from the balance. Based on the number of points you earn in a month of playing you can qualify to enter Fan Duel monthly freerolls. The required number of points varies each month, and you do not have to spend any points to enter the free rolls. The August point’s freerolls are available on 9th September with MLB and levels are as listed.

Bronze players will get two thousand dollars freeroll and requires a minimum of a thousand monthly points. Silver players will get five thousand dollars free roll and requires a minimum of five thousand monthly points. Gold players will get six thousand five hundred dollars freeroll and requires a minimum of fifteen thousand monthly points. Platinum players will get thirteen thousand freerolls and requires a minimum of fifty thousand monthly points.

You can also earn a share of your friend’s entry fees every time they play when you refer them to Fan Duel. The referral deal lasts forever so long as the designated friend keeps on playing. It’s time you joined Fan Duel contests and made you big money.

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