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EPA Looking For Ways To Curb Methane Emission

The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States seems to be laying the foundation that is aimed at reducing the amount of greenhouse gases According to Gina McCarthy, the agency’s administrator, the agency is trying to reduce its emission of methane gas which is one of the gases that contribute to rapid climate change.

In a forum hosted by Barclays in New York, McCarthy said that methane should not be regarded as a waste, but as a wasted opportunity whenever it leaks.

Over the past decade, massive amounts of methane gas have got into the skies, most of it rises from gas and oil wells that are located in many parts of the United States. However, since methane is a very valuable gas, producers try to capture some amount from it.

Even with their excellent efforts, some amount will still remain untapped and will definitely escape into the atmosphere.

As the demand for energy continues, environmental and state regulators are getting concerned about methane emission and flaring. When the gas is burned, air quality is affected considerably and this could lead to climate change.

“Reducing flaring should be given priority because of many great reasons. What you are burning is something which could be profitable to you,” said McCarthy.

The EPA further reiterates that they have started looking at methods which are cost effective and which combine both regulatory and voluntary measures which can assist to take out a huge chunk of the gaseous emission from the gas and oil sectors.

This spring, US president, Mr Barack Obama announced that he is curbing methane emission as part of his broad actions that are aimed at combating climate change. In the past few months, there have been a lot of discussions the best ways which can be adopted to combat climate change.

EPA has also introduced plans which will help reduce the amount of carbon emissions from industrial plants. New standards have also been put in place for generating facilities that are yet to start operating.

Most of the actions that have been proposed have attracted massive criticisms, with some arguing that it will hamper economic growth.

Moreover, there is an incentive in place which helps to capture methane. “It is the product which they are trying to produce, and it isn’t intended to escape into the air,” said Sandra Synder.

She said that when a low amount of methane gets away from your business, you will achieve more profitability, and people living around it enjoys better health.

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