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Environmental Study Of The Amazon Brings Some Good News Regarding Rainforests But Shows Problems For Residents

The state of the world’s rainforests is nowhere near as bad as they once were, but they have not been able to get back to the same condition that they were when the felling started for real. Franklin Delano Roosevelt said “FORESTS are the lungs of our land.”

The frightening thing is that each year we are losing trees that would cover 2 Belgium’s and while some countries are getting better, the likes of Indonesia are getting worse. While at one time we were told that the Congo would have been cleared of trees has proved to be untrue but this does not mean that we can be complacent.

Mexico and Brazil both seem to have taken the message on board and the issue in areas such as the Amazon is the fact that there is a poor standard of living among inhabitants. It is not easy to provide for 24 million people when resources are scarce.

A report has shown that there is a noticeable difference between the standard of living of the people in the Amazon and those of Brazil as a whole. Bob Verissomo is one of the reports’ authors as well as being lead researcher at the Amazon Institute of People and the Environment (Imazon). He said “It is almost like two different countries when you look at the Amazon region and at Brazil as a whole. Despite some government efforts to close the gap, progress in the rest of the country has been faster than in the Amazon. It would take 10 to 15 years of social investment to change this.”

It is sometimes hard for the West to see what is happening in the Amazon, and pressure governments to prevent tree felling, but when it is considered against the many other problems faced by inhabitants it suddenly does not appear to be such a big problem.

The report has shown that there is little in store for the Amazonians and they have little when it comes to opportunities to improve their lives. There is little freedom and very little chance of an advanced education.

It is hoped that there will be improvements made and by the time the next report is published there will be improvements that Brazil can be proud of. As the next one is in 2016 there is little time for this to happen.

In a final comment, Verissimo said. “It will be a powerful tool to track progress,”

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