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Dead: Pit Bull Rescued From Michael Vick’s Dog-Fighting Ring Is No More!

The last 5 years of bow-legged dog spent with a family that adopted her in Virginia.

According to the news report, a dog was rescued in the compound of a dog fighting ring that was from the star Michael Vick’s died after she spent her last years of life with a family that adopted her in the area if Richmond. The dog was rescued in 2007.

The dog was black pit bull breed and her name was Gracie that was dead, according to the director of the animals’ society whose name is Mc Gracken.

According to a post on the Gracie’s Guardians page, that day she was no more to stay with them and flew away with her angel feathers. Any words that we write here cannot describe what kind of impact she was having on the people and our family. She suffered a lot and that is beyond words to explain. They gave these views to the newspaper.

Her Guardians said, “We will be grateful forever and always for this little broken black dog and everything that she gave us.”

The black Pitbull came at the Vick’s shelter and it was quickly taken by the family for adoption by the board head Sharon. Who gave her the name Gracie?

In the Vick’s ring she was used as a dog for breeding instead of a fighting dog. She was quite well in shape when she came there in the compound.

According to McCracken, She attended many conferences and seminars related to the welfare of animals and it also visited many schools to tell the people that they shouldn’t get scared from the Pitbulls.

Her guardian says, “Gracie was very friendly with people and she was never aggressive or wild to other dogs.”

Vicks was operating an illegal dog fighting ring on his land in Virginia where 50 Pit bulls were seized by the officers in 2007. This scene created a spark among the people against the brutal behavior with dogs. Many of these dogs were injured and their bodies were covered by wounds.

A judge of federal court gave the decision of Gracie’s life and all the other dogs that were survived. All these dogs were either taken to shelters or for adoption all over the country. Almost twenty two dogs were taken to the rehabilitation centers or for long term best friends’ animal society in different areas of Utah and San Francisco.

One dog whose name was Georgia came on a dog show before its death in 2013.One more dog by the name of Hector became a therapy dog and died from cancer.

Vicky was ashamed of his act and started his career after spending 18 months in jail.

Gracie was the first step towards the welfare of the Pitbulls which has attracted numerous threats because of its attacks on humans and its breed’s involvement in dog fighting.

She was given the name Gracie by the group in order to appreciate her and all the Pitbulls who suffered a lot by the people and still who kept on loving the people that are around her.

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