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Cigarette Butts May Have New Use

According to Professor Jongheop Yi working with Seoul National University, cigarette butts may be used to coat the electrodes of very fragile supercapacitors because they can be used to store extremely large amounts of electrical energy. Professor Yi and his colleagues say that the material in cigarette butts offers superior performance over carbon, graphene and carbon naontubes that are currently being used. The process of using the cigarette butts is simply a one-step process that offers a green solution to the 5.6 trillion used-cigarettes butts that smokers generate each year.

The 766,571 metric tons of cigarette butts made from cellulose acetate fibers that workers can easily transform into high-performing carbon-based material that offers superior protection.

Meanwhile in China, researchers have determined that used cigarette butts can be used to stop corrosion on steel. The research was conducted by Jun Zhao and the teachers at the School of Energy and Power Engineering in China. They discovered the butts to be most effective in stopping corrosion on N80 steel. This is the steel that is normally used to build pipelines. The problem of cigarettes discarded carelessly in the environment is a huge problem in the environment. Smokers smoke more cigarettes in China than any other country. In fact, they smoke 33 percent of all the cigarettes in the world. The oil industry is excited about this discovery because it means that they can save money on replacing pipes. The pipes will also last longer before they need repairing. The butts seem to be particularly effective in environments where temperatures are extremely warm or cold.

Cigarette butts can also be made into pesticides by home gardeners. The gardener just needs to combine non-scented soap, water, and alcohol. The chemicals in the butts not only attracts insects but it kills them. Some gardeners are also using butts as mulch around delicate vegetation.

This is a much better use than discarding them in the environment. The dangers from cigarettes being disposed into the environment are well documented. Butts can take up to ten years to degenerate. In addition, many smokers do not take care to put out the cigarettes. For example, a cigarette thrown out a car window sparked a 247 acre wildfire at Camp Pendleton, California. Another carelessly cigarette in San Diego, California, started another fire that destroyed 10,000 acres including 16 homes and burned 64 cars. California is not the only place. A cigarette discarded in a trash chute in Richmond, Virginia, destroyed 26 buildings costing over $20 million dollars in damage.

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