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China Is Having A Fight With Virus: Two Pandas Killed And The Third In Critical Condition

A deadly virus found in China that caused the death of two big pandas and the third one is in serious condition.

The media of the Chinese country gave the report this week that an antiviral treatment is used for the five years old panda whose name is Feng Feng, by the vegetable lovers of the state. After the medical tests it revealed that many internal organs of his body were seriously damaged. Those damaged parts include heart, lungs, liver and kidney.

Two other pandas by the names of Chengcheng and Daboa were killed by the virus of the canine distemper since early distemper, according to a spokes man from the wildlife rescue and the research centre of breeding whose name is Xueli.

The virus is mostly dangerous for the pandas as it kills almost 80% of them which are affected by this virus. According to the research centre the problem is that they are still unaware what could be the cause of this infection. They did many tests in order to find out the cause of the virus but the result was zero.

The caretakers of the pandas are facing a great battle against this infection. They are mostly not having the enough equipment when they want to treat the pandas that are ill and infectious from this disease.

The people of the research centre said that they are doing all the precautions that they can do to prevent the infection of this disease.

The media of the Chinese state informed that the centers for the breeding of panda in the next province of Sichuan have announced emergency situation about this virus in pandas and their limit on the public contacts.

China is trying best to do all the steps of safety for the saving of the giant pandas and take their species out of the danger that it’s facing these days.

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