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Can Green Homes In Oregon Deliver Profit?

There are various talks about climate change and how our environment is starting to change for the worse. As a homeowner, you can still help save our environment and reduce your carbon footprints by lowering your gas emission and energy use. Today, building green houses is the modern architecture trend and there are lots of ways to incorporate green technology to make your home functional, efficient, and eco-friendly as well.

In California, certified green homes sold for almost 9% which is higher compared their uncertified counterparts, based on the full assessment of residential sales between the year 2007 and 2012 made by researchers from the Universities of California at Berkeley and Los Angeles.

Using a particular eco friendly home technology can help Oregon homeowners become a significant contributor in the drive in saving the environment while at the same time, homeowners also realize about the importance of using green home technology. There are simple things that can be done to make each home’s energy requirement eco friendly which can also be translated to savings according to experts. For example, if there are parts in the house that need ample lighting at night, use an eco-friendly LED bulb. And when the house is certified green, it can fetch higher appraisal in the real estate market.

According to a research by experts from Universities of California at Berkeley and Los Angeles, the uncertified houses only fetch an median price of around $400,000 compared to its certified counterpart that sold for an average $445,000.

One of the most commonly used green home technologies in Oregon is solar cells. Although this particular home technology is quite expensive on its initial installation, the money homeowners can save on their energy bills using the traditional energy source will be quite enormous. Solar cells are becoming more and more common and there are manufacturers that have a wide range of models and designs for residential use making it more reachable to ordinary consumers. A small size solar technology can help save enough power for home use and this will enable homeowners to use less conventional energy source.

Experts also suggest ways to greenify your home such as reducing your heating. You can do this by weather – proofing your home in order to keep out as much cold temperature as possible. Start by caulking and weather – stripping your windows and doors. You can also add insulation materials especially to the roof of your house. These are simple steps but it can drastically reduce not only your energy use but your heating and cooling expenses as well. If your home has clear glass windows, you can change it with a double glazed or a smoked glass window to prevent the heat of the sun from penetrating without drastically blocking the sun light. You also need to constantly monitor your thermostat.

Using green home technology can help reduce the energy use and still keep the house comfortable and fully functional. There are other ways to help cut energy expenses but these simple steps can provide a way to begin cutting down high energy usage.

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