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Any Chances Of The Survival Of The Civilization, When The Climate Is Destroyed!

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Scientists and journalists are concerned about the situations of the planet for their own kids and grandchildren, writes David Ray Griffin.

The threat for people comes mainly from the increase of Carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere according to him. The burning of chemical substances like oil, coal etc made this planet hotter that it was since the time when civilization started many years ago.

As most of budget worried about other stuff, the scientists of climate are too much worried about the survival of the ancient civilization. For example a female whose name is Lonie Thompson and she got the U.S National Medal of science said that for the present civilization global warming is a serious threat.

Pulitzer Price winner journalist whose name is Ross said that because of this Global warming our civilization is in danger and the plants and greenery is almost near to the damaging extent.

The scientists and the journalists are extra concerned about the future and the conditions of the Earth and civilization for their kids and grandchildren. For this purpose an author whose name is James and he is also a climate scientist, gave the title of his book as “Storms of my Grandchildren.”

The threat for the civilization is mainly due to increase of the amount of carbon dioxide in the surroundings that is present because of the burning of fossil fuels. Before the starting of the industrial age it was only 275 pm but now it is 400ppm and it is increasing day by day.

We will be safe from the harmful climate change by keeping the temperature to 3.6F and do not increase it more than this level. A scientist told that 1 degree more than this level was done in Arctic and it started melting. So we can assume what more problems it may be causing. James also agreed to it and said that it may cause quite harm to the civilization.

The civilization came into existence 12,000 years ago and they are making their way by catapulting out of Holocene. The catapult is dangerous as it is having no proof of how long a civilization can stay with such high temperature.

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